The Truth & It Hurts

How the rest of World reports a story – WikiLeak’s on Iraq war -

Iraqi Father and Daughter

On Friday at 5:00EST the largest leak of classified military documents ever was realeased on the Iraq war by WikiLeaks. They covered the Iraq war from 2004 to 2009. Here’s WikiLeaks war logs referenced & outline (400,000 classified documents to browse)

This is the major international headline throughout most of the world. Our media (covers only 4% of the world’s 7 billion people) as you might guess is downplaying this document dump with – other data, stories, personal life of Wikileak founder etc..

So, since you get those sources, lets look at what the rest of the world sees and reads

These are 4 of the 5 (The last was the NYT) that were given the documents in advance. You can’t deny what Sec. of State Clinton said in condemnation - in the most clear terms… the disclosure of any classified information that will put the lives of Americans and others at risk.”

Some rather obvious observations

  • The extent of torture, war Crimes, murders, civilian deaths were far greater than originally reported in Iraq.
  • Dehumanizing the other side is pretty standard in war, but 96% of the world that’s not American gets to see the Muslim parents and children suffer. Most American’s  don’t.
  • The single largest cause of creating  Islamic terrorism since 2003 has been the “unjust” (word of UN secretary General) invasion of Iraq & war on terrorism

American (including me) will go back to our football games, digesting political fabrications, and our lives. But Remember YOU are paying for all this.

The father, brother, son, daughter, relative or friend of those who are murdered, tortured raped and assaulted can and do turn into tomorrow’s terrorist.

How would YOU react if it was your child???

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