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Fireworks over 2011 Stock Results

Dividend Stocks up 19% YTD

Over the next few trading days Investors411 will go over the stock results for 2011, which again beat the S&P 500.

Today - Dividend Stocks

Lots more information on the Positions page (section 2A)

Early this year Investors411 started putting together its Recommended Dividend Portfolio. The last Part “below 4% growth” was finished 7/3.

These results are for the year (one day short) – simply because it was very easy to get results for the year. During the same period the benchmark S&P results were about even (depending on today)

The 6 month result, of course, are probably  about  50% lower, but the S&P benchmark was also down about -6% since early July.  Each ticker symbol is linked to a 6 month chart so you can check out those results too.

Guesstimate is that its around +8 0r 9% vs. -6% for S&P for those 6 months.

Many of members on the mail list and frequent commenters made $$$ using the dividend list.

  • The Dividend List was by far the most talked about and worked on part of Investors411 Longer Term Portfolio.
  • Your Stock List was our most talked about and worked on Shorter Term Portfolio.

Here’s the List of Investors411

Recommended Dividend  Stocks

  • Ticker symbols link to charts.
  • First number is the yearly dividend,
  • Second is the stock price (rise or fall)
  • Third bolded number is the combination of the two.

  • KMP 6.11%   +19.29% = +25.39%
  • T 5.50% –  +2.84 = +8.34%
  • WIN 7.42%  – 16.83 = -9.41%
  • SNH 6.63%   +4.01 = +10.63%
  • DUK 5.24% +23.61 = +28.85%
  • D 4.09%  +28.21 = +32.29%
  • PGN 5.27% +28.21 = +33.48%
  • HCN 5.58%  +13.65 = +19.44%
  • MO 5.64%  +20.80  = +26.44
  • HTD 5+%  +16.80 = +21.80+
  • BMO 4.48%  -5.97 = -1.49
  • ABV 4.58%  +18.75 = +23.33

Below 4% but with price growth potential

  • CVX 3.03% +16.20 = +19.23%
  • MCD 3.10   +30.29 = +33.39%
  • PM 3.73%  +34.14 = +37.87%
  • GIS 2.90%  +14.70 = +17.60%

Ultra High dividend

  • NLY 13.5%  -9.70 =  +3.85
  • AGNC 19.0%  -1.90 =  +17.01

Investors411 will continue with this diversified group of dividend stocks into 2012. Dividend stocks and Bonds outperformed the S&P in 2011 and will continue to do so unless we enter a strong bull.

Why dividend Stocks & Bonds beat the S&P

People looked at the low treasury rate, had fear of volatility in stocks with QE 2 ending and thought why not hold a stock/bond that produces a dividend higher than inflation or treasuries.

As long as treasuries, inflation stay low Dividend stocks will produce. Our Fed has promised low rates for 2012 and introduced operation twist, so Dividend stock should continue to do well.

To come – More Investors411 Model portfolio results –  Conservative (dividend ETF’s), Moderate, Aggressive and Your Stock List results. You can get an advanced look by going to POSITIONS Section of blog.






Wall Street Bull and OWS Symbol

3D Stock Analysis

Scroll down at this link for more on 3D analysis

Repeat from last weekThe Bulls are Back - Yesterday marked the second technical confirmation of  Torrid Tuesday US equities held onto or added to their gains.

Stocks moved higher yesterday on again pathetic volume. Low volume is a sign of a manipulated market or Central Bank domination.


The accuracy of Investors411 forecast is due to the realization that equities are currently being moved by politics and central bank manipulations  is more significant than traditional fundamental and technical factors


Overnight Data From Europe

Germany’s DAX

+0.20 at open and at +0.06% at –  at 6:40 AM EST

DAX  +0.85 at 8:30 EST

Italian 10 year bond

Opened at 7.07% – 2:30 AM EST

Fell to 7.02% at 6:45 AM EST

Italian bond at 7.015% at 8:30 AM EST




Reading The Tea Leaves


Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator (MO) rose to +32.81. 50DMA at +3.71 = NEUTRAL

The six month decline in the VIX (measures FEAR in the stock market) is a longer term bullish indicator

The $670 billion loan bailout of 532 European banks has taken some of the sting out of the high Italian bond rates (over 7%)

MO shows Stocks have room to run and DAX at +0.85% confirms another rally day

Shorter Term Traders

Seasonal factors and a not yet overbought MO, shows there is time to go long, but the window is closing as the MO goes higher.

We have the January effect when many value investors who have taken money out of the market for tax reasons reinvest it in early January. Everybody knows this is coming and some of the rally this week can be attributed to front running the January effect.

OIl prices and stocks have rallied on Iran’s war games and threats. Tiny chance Iran will do something to block Straights of Homutz. If Iran attempts something – stocks fall & oil prices rise.

Since the Long term Outlook has changed to CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH – High Growth Stocks should do even better – So check out Paul’s Corner and his Comments,




Longer Term Outlook

3 months+


In the last  6 months there have been at least a dozen moves of 5 to 20% one way or the other for major indexes. Investors411 has changed its outlook between Cautiously Bullish and Neutral far less.  This has been a difficult market to call. But...The Bulls are back



Investors411 has 5 different valuations - BULLISH, CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH, NEUTRAL, CAUTIOUSLY BEARISH, and BEARISH.

Everything written in BROWN is a repeat from a previous day(s)




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