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What if Cuba got $6.6 billion in weapons?

Imagine This

What if China gave/sold $6.6 billion dollars worth of weapons to a country 90 miles off our shore  – CUBA. What would the reaction in the USA be? Chest thumbing 24/7 outrage and our military would move into position. As Popeye (see comments section) point out we just sold $6.6 billions in weapons to Taiwan 90 miles off the China cost.

We want China’s help in sanctions against IRAN growing nuclear threat. How is China going to act now to the American threat of $6.6 billion of new weapons off its shore? How would we react?

Bottom line, – this is feeding the military industrial complex need for profits/wars.

Wanting America and Obama to Fail

Part 2

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman editorial today echoed the problems Investor411 brought up Friday when Senator Shelby held up held up 70 top government appointments over two pet pork projects. In fact, other Senators are doing the same.

Obama’s, Press Secretary, called Shelby’s individual filibuster “silly.”  Silly? – The whole White House need to drink a quart of testosterone – Where is he fight that dominated the Obama campaign?

Falling Euro’s Threat to America.

Many, smaller European companies are on the verge of default. Obviously, Credit Default Swaps are traded on their bonds. So nobody knows just how mush of the debt they have and probably more importantly taking bets on there success and failures.

Simon Johnson , MIT prof and former Chief Economist of the World Bank has an editorial on this.  Basically the Euro will get weaker relative to the USA and this will help European socks, but also push American stocks higher.  Mantra for months has been stronger dollar = weaker US markets. Compare a chart of the Dollar ($USD) and the SPX (S&P 500)

Here’s the problem nobody knows how bad or over leveraged things exactly are because there was little regulation. – just like the theUSAUSA.

Who is Killing Financial Reform?

Robert Reich has a must read editorial on Democrats, lobbyist, and others who are involved in killing financial reform. It’s been over a year since Lehmann crash and nothings been done to fix shadow banks.

KISS & Stocks (Keep It Simple Stupid)

If you don’t understand a term look in up at dictionary


Index Percentage Volume
Dow +0.10% up
NASDQ +0.74% up
S&P500 +0.29% up
Russell2000- +0.56% -

Investors411 record – 5 years of beating benchmark S&P 500 and almost all major US indexes

Technicals, Fundamentals & Analysis

See Positions , Strategy , and Overview for changes made over weekend.


Significant indexes – Forecasting tools for market direction

  • McClellan Index fell to -69.02 = Still Oversold. How low or oversold can markets get before rebounding. We did reach @-93 about 3 days ago, about @-115 last November & @ -130 back in the fall of 2008 .Since +60 is overbought & a sell signal – we are 130 points away from that and only 60 away from the HUGE Nov 2008 crash (see chart) Bad numbers are Bullish
  • BDI – This chart shows the Baltic Dry Index (scroll down) , a measure of shipping costs, Has broken through a major month long  support level at @ 3000 .  Yesterday the BDI rose +30 at 2715. This is the second day of a rebound that will have to get above 3000 to be meaningful.
  • $USD -The USD moved up dramatically as stocks fell lasst week.  As discussed many times before a rising dollar hurts US stocks because our goods cost more to export Rising Dollar = Bearish for Stocks

Fearless Forecast – We’re in for a buppy ride – Hard to value the extent of the European Debt problem – So when you don’t knoe investors almost always paly it safe and that means sell – Down Week – Buying the dips


The  Positions Section (also at top of blog) has the latest buys and sells – Revised positions over weekend) – These are positions I actually own


Here’s stocks YOU suggested  to add to the Watch List. – Will try to analyze stocks over weekend.

Still adding to positions. The more the McClellan dips the more you should add

The strategy Buy a position in an oversold market and sell 1/2 of it when it gains 5 to 10% and let the rest ride.  The position should take into account major trends that you understand. For me China, Emerging Markets and Brazil still fit the bill. However there are concerns about a long term US/China trade war. Also any of the ETF’s that do 2 & 3 X what the major US indexes do.

Bottom LineWe are oversold and ready for at least a short term run – Investors 411 opened a 5% position in TYH (3x financials) Friday at 117.14 A short term trade with a tight stop at 177.14.  Will take 1/2 profits at 5%+ rise

Long Term Outlook = NEUTRAL


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