Real American

Business Leaders

Bill Gates
Nobody’s perfect, but let’s compare.

  • Warren Buffett – Why should I have a lower tax rate than my secretary”
  • Steve Jobs -  Fox News is - “An incredibly distructive Force”

Remember the giant corporations and the weathy have  an army of lobbyists and lawyers in Washington. This is what they pushed for

  • 1998 – Tore apart banking regulations like allowing  banks to merge with insurance companies
  • 2004 – SEC allows bank over leveraging to grow from 12 to 1 to 40 to 1
  • 2008/09 – Financial meltdown. Housing crisis, Bush/Paulson  bailout of too big to fail banks. -9% GDP & stocks tank

Nothing we can do becuse its all legal They privatize gains. We taxpayers subsidize the losses

  • Romney (uber wealthy) paid 13.9% rate on his 2010 taxes while most working American pay far more.
  • Romney’s company Bain, like hedge funds and other investment firms, pay only 15% on their profits while small business pay a much higher tax rate.
  • Romney, sets up $100 millon dollar tax funds for all his sons without paying taxes. We can’t.
  • Gingrich, like all politicians, can exit politics and make millions lobbying for government agencies (Fannie & Freddie)



Because they own our government.

Elizabeth Warren -

In her passionate plea to fight for the working middle class -

“Washington now works for those who can hire an army of lobbyists and an army of lawyers … 30 largest companies pay more for lobbyists than they do taxes...Who really pays for that?…And the answer is America’s middle class. They’re the ones left to pick up the pieces, to pay the taxes, to keep the country running.”


He’s Back
Yankee Bob
Taxes and Transparency
Vampire Mitt is calling on Gingrich to release the entire contract between Newt and Fannie Mae. He isn’t satisfied with the little dump that Newt did on it. He wants it all!

What a schmoe. He wants to see all of Newt’s contract??!! OK,Mitt let’s see all of your tax returns from your years at Bain. How can you argue Newt must come clean and then say one year of your tax returns is good enough? It isn’t and Mitt is pretty much asking for trouble here

Did you see that Sarkozy is pushing for a financial tax? .01-to .1% on equity trades and the collected money to be aimed at helping the poor.

Think of how much money would go in the Treasury if sales tax were applied to all equity trades even at a modest .01 %. why not extend it to bonds, currency, loans and all. Why do I have to pay a  6% sales tax on a book,a calender, a stove but Mitt can buy a company and doesn’t have to pay on that?

Would Wall Street cease to trade if they had to pay a small tax on their trades? The babies howell about 15% capital gains. Why not a sales tax on trades or leveraged buyouts?





Wall Street Bull and OWS Symbol


Short Term Outlook

  • Getting out of the rest of EUO. The ETF that double short the Euro. As announced in the comments section a week or so ago I sold some then. Now the rest. Reasoning –  The bond rates for Italy and Spain are out of danger zone and more talks of concessions from Germany, ECB & IMF.
  • Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator (MO) rose to +57.59. 50DMA at +5.00 (for more see  STRATEGY link at top of blog) Stocks are slightly overbought, but still have some wiggle room to go higher = NEUTRAL/BEARISH
  • From yesterday - Low volume rallies are a characteristic of Central Banks and friends manipulating stocks/bonds. They have become quite good at this and these rallies have tended to last.
  • DAX (Germany) up this AM 1.44% at 8:15 AM EST. Put Rally Caps on.
  • NFLX – Wouda Shouda Couda – It sure looks like NFLX is going to be a huge money maker combination option trade this AM after a positive eanings surprise. I did not pull the trigger for the Investors411 portfilio. My Bad, especially becuse I hyped this Options combination trade.




Paul’s Corner

As many of you know I use High Growth Stock Investors (HGSI) software in my daily stock analysis. I also use a product known as EdgeRater which I use specifically for market analysis and timing.

Chris White the CEO of EdgeRater is giving a free training course for EdgeRater and is incorporating HGSI. Ian Woodward from HGSI will be presenting his new proprietary “Woody Indicator”. This new indicator gives market turning signals several days before any other indicator.

This will be an online video presentation which you can watch at your leisure. You will have free trial use of both the EdgeRater and HGSI software.


This free course will be delivered in a special online classroom by a progression of videos rather than webinar and so you can consume them in your own time. It’s a new format that I’m trying out and you will get a link to the classroom after you register for the course there’s a welcome message in there right now which will tell you more about the format.

Register Here: LINK

Event Details:

EdgeRater v5 has just been released and has several new updates to work even smarter with HGSIv8. I will be running a free online training course starting this Friday where you can find out how these products work together to provide a dynamic duo of trading tools.

The training will be run over the course of 2 weeks and all registrants will have access to trial versions of both EdgeRater v5 and HGSI v8 if needed. The training will start from the ground up so no prior knowledge of either of these programs is required but it is open to everybody and there are some exciting new findings that will be revealed that will help you stay on the right side of the market.

So if you have ever been interested in finding out how to scan the market for trading candidates and discovering historical performance of trading strategies then you should join me in this unique course starting on Friday.

Register Here: http://www.edgerater.com/events/erhgsi.aspx

Chris White

CEO, EdgeRater LLC




Longer Term Outlook

3 months+








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